Are you a busy mum who's taken the leap into homeschooling, only to find it overwhelming and confusing?

📢 Homeschooling can be an amazing journey, but it is not without its challenges.

 If you're:

🤯 Struggling to cut through the noise of conflicting advice

🤔 Yearning for structure


🧭 Feeling lost when it comes to teaching your little ones,

"The Homeschool Hive" is your answer.

What if it could feel like a rewarding experience for you and your children. ..

You can:

💪🏼 Overcome feelings of inadequacy and ensure you are providing your children with a quality education.

🧠 Develop confidence in your ability to teach your children. 

📚 Have access to a curated selection of tools and resources that are comprehensive but not overwhelming. 

🤩 Experience empowerment and fulfilment in your role as a homeschooling mother.

📈 Gain proficiency in assessing and evaluating your child's learning progress. 

📇 Create a streamlined yet impactful curriculum for your children's education.

 Introducing the 
Homeschool Hive Membership

Your Path to Homeschooling Success

The Homeschool Hive is for mums who are looking for personalised support, resources, and a community to help them navigate their homeschooling journey with confidence.

Whether you're new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, the Homeschool Hive provides the tools and guidance you need to create a successful and fulfilling homeschooling experience for your family.

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We've got your back every step of the way, offering you: 

Learning Plans

Say goodbye to confusion and chaos. Our simple, specific strategies are designed for busy mums, giving you the confidence to teach effectively in just 2 hours a day.

Australian Curriculum Integration

We've got the Australian Curriculum covered, ensuring your child is on the right track for success

Assessment Tools

Monitor your child's growth and understanding with ease. Our assessment resources make tracking progress a breeze.

Supportive Community

Connect with other like-minded parents who understand your journey. Share your triumphs and challenges in our exclusive Facebook group.

Monthly Support Calls

Gain invaluable insights into literacy and numeracy from our experts, and get answers to your burning questions.

🍯 Sweet Bonus:

Join the Homeschool Hive as an annual member & receive an exclusive physical portfolio designed to enhance your homeschooling experience!


✅  Access to base modules 
✅  Monthly Training Sessions
✅  Monthly Support Calls
✅  Guest Expert speakers
✅  Facebook Community group
❌  Bonus physical portfolio to track progress
❌  Bonus once off 1:1 session with Bee
❌  Save $589 annually 


✅  Access to base modules 
✅  Monthly Training Sessions
✅  Monthly Support Calls
✅  Guest Expert speakers
✅  Facebook Community group
✅  Bonus physical portfolio to track progress
✅ Bonus once off 1:1 session with Bee
✅  Save $589 annually 

It is normal to feel a huge responsibility when it comes to homeschooling your children but in the Homeschool Hive 


Hi, I'm Boushra!

Meet Miss B, a certified primary school teacher dedicated to lifelong learning and sharing her expertise with others.

Through her experience in teaching and tutoring, Miss B has observed common misconceptions among parents and noticed the challenges they face.

She understands the struggles and is committed to providing support wherever she can.

Recognising the importance of preparing children for school and offering ongoing assistance throughout their educational journey, Miss B has developed a range of resources and learning materials. These tools are designed to alleviate the anxieties associated with schooling and foster a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

With a focus on positivity and empowerment, Miss B aims to help parents and families navigate the homeschooling experience with confidence and ease.


You may not have a formal background in education but that does not mean you can't be an incredible homeschool teacher for your child. 

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders already" - Kathleen (just hours after joining).


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